Fitness pants 5016

Fitness pants 5016


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It is a knitted fabric with a cotton feel but without the disadvantages of cotton. It does not pilling, does not lose color with use and washing, expels sweat to the outside of the fabric dispersing it to facilitate evaporation, has a quick drying, by its composition with 10% elastic yarn and 90% polyamide microfiber, does not deform, has a bidirectional elasticity that provides complete freedom of movement. It has an average weight of 270 grams m2, for its thickness makes it very suitable for LEGGINS and for when you need to have a feeling of complete subjection.


Knitted fabric with soft touch, bidirectional elasticity that adapts to the body providing complete freedom of movement. It has good breathability and dries quickly. It weighs 220 grams m2 and its composition is 90% polyester microfiber and 10% elastic yarn.


It is a high-tech bi-elastic knitted fabric very soft to the touch that adapts to the body like a second skin, with high breathability that easily absorbs moisture from the body and dries quickly. Its composition of 90% polyamide microfiber and 10% elastic yarn means that it does not lose its shape or color intensity after numerous uses and washes. It has an average weight of 240 grams m2, which is thick enough to wear it comfortably without the need to add a lining.

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Product available since: Jan 2, 2020. Last modification: Oct 19, 2022