We specialize in custom-designed clothing according to our customers needs. Each client can select the design, fabric and colors right for their market. We use only European-made fabrics and the turnaround time from order to shipping is approximately 15 business days, thus avoiding the common problems with backorders normally associated with mass-production companies who often ship first to big chains, thus making the smaller retailers wait for their orders.
Our computer program lets you select the fabrics and color for each design. The articles are marked with letters so you can see which parts can be adapted.
Yes, we can customize your order so the items are made with your label and brand name. We can also assist in the design and branding process if necessary.
Prices vary according to fabrics and sizes only. When you are trying different fabrics for the clothing you can see the change in price as you select your choice on the design program.
On each sheet, all the way down (below the color charts) will find the table of measurements for each size. If you can’t find the sizing chart for the selected product, please send us a message.
We are currently expanding into the US and Canadian markets. If you can’t find our AppleSkin products at your local retailer, please get in touch with us and we can let you know where to order online from Europe.